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Child Care Aware of New Jersey is open and working to support families statewide as families seek and obtain child care in order to return to work or remain employed.

CCR&Rs: Supporting Families & Providers During COVID-19 New Jersey COVID-19 Resources

Download CCANJ's full infographic about CCR&R services and COVID-19's economic impact on families here.

Dept. of Children and Families & Dept. of Human Services, Division of Family Development

Guidance for Child Care During COVID-19

Teddy Bears

New Jersey Department of Health

NJ Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development

Division of Unemployment Insurance

Tax Relief

Have questions about COVID-19?

Use the NJ COVID-19 Information Hub to find quick answers to questions such as

  • How can I protect myself from COVID-19/novel Coronavirus?
  • What are the "stay at home" rules in New Jersey? What businesses are closed?
  • Where and how do I get tested for COVID-19 in New Jersey? Who should get testing?
  • Has the deadline for filing taxes been extended?
  • What types of benefits or assistance are available to me during the coronavirus outbreak?
  • Am I eligible for any unemployment benefits if my work has been negatively impacted by COVID-19?
  • What housing and rental assistance and mortgage relief is available for New Jerseyans? What if I'm getting evicted or in foreclosure?

State announcements, services, and assistance are available through the COVID-19 hub. Try it!

NEW! COVID-19 Child Care Initiatives

NJ American Rescue Plan Stabilization Grants: The NJ American Rescue Plan (ARP) Stabilization Grant provides financial relief to licensed child care providers and registered family child care providers to support key operating expenses. The grant may be used for wages and benefits, insurance, rent, mortgage, utilities, cleaning and sanitizing, professional development related to health and safety, mental health services, and other operational expenses to remain open and operating.

Providers must have been licensed or registered as of March 11, 2021 to qualify and meet the Child Care Development Block Grant (CCDBG) health and safety requirements, including trainings and comprehensive background checks, at time of application. These grants are available regardless of whether programs are serving children on subsidy. For more information, click here.

$1,000 Hiring and Retention Bonus Grant: Funded with the Child Care Revitalization Fund signed into law by Governor Murphy and the American Rescue Plan, hiring and retention grants will be issued from the New Jersey Department of Human Services (DHS), Division of Family Development (DFD).

Child care center staff are eligible for a $1,000 bonus, if they:

  • make $50,000 or less a year;
  • were newly hired or are a current employee;
  • are responsible for directly working with children (care, supervision or instructing); and
  • are registered in the Workforce Registry through NJCCIS (New Jersey Child Care Information System).

Family child care providers may be eligible, if you are:

  • a registered Family Child Care Provider
  • in compliance with federal Child Care Development Block Grant (CCDBG) health and safety requirements (criminal background check and health and safety trainings)
  • in good standing with New Jersey’s Registration, Manual of Requirements
  • make $50,000 or less a year
  • open and operating at time of application
  • have children enrolled.

More information (including recorded webinars) can be found here. Applications for these grants will be accepted between November 1, 2022 through December 4, 2022 (subject to the availability of funds). Get your application in early!

Enrollment-based Payment: DFD will continue to pay providers based on enrollment rather than attendance through June of 2023.

Waiving Parent Co-Pays: DFD has waived parent co-pays from November 1, 2021 through October 2023. See guidance.

Supplemental Payments: DFD will issue an additional supplemental payment (family differential) of $300 per subsidy-eligible child for full-time care, or $150 for part-time care per subsidy eligible child through December 31, 2023, including infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children enrolled in your program. See guidance.

Should you have any questions, please contact your local Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) agency. For questions related to Child Care Tuition Assistance for School-Age Children, please visit

NJ EDA Child Care Facilities Grants

For the latest information on the NJ Economic Development Authority (NJ EDA) Child Care Facilities Improvement program, which provides grants to child care providers, click here.

Child Care Provider Resources

Podcasts from the Committee for Economic Development (CED), April 16, 2020

The are many new financing options available to support child care programs. However, it can be confusing to know which path might be the best for you. The podcasts below help every child care program understand the options available and key questions to consider.

Small Business Relief for Child Care Providers

For the latest information on small business relief, make sure to check out the following resources from Child Care Aware of New Jersey:

Small Business Administration Help

Need Help Reviewing Business Options?

Helping Family Child Care to Thrive Through the Public Health Crisis and Beyond

In January 2020, there were 1,486 registered family child care providers in New Jersey. In May, Child Care Aware of New Jersey and the New Jersey Family Child Care Providers Association conducted a survey to better understand the family child care home landscape and providers' needs for re-opening.

COVID-19 Impact. Among the 1,014 family child care providers who responded to the survey, 346 closed due to the pandemic (218 responded in English and 128 responded in Spanish). Two-thirds of survey respondents indicated they have remained open and reported this was out of necessity - her own income and economic well-being, and families have been counting on her.

The number of registered family child care programs in New Jersey has been declining over the past decade. As the state looks to re-open businesses and services to jumpstart recovery, working parents will need access to child care. With parent anxiety high related to potential COVID-19 exposure, there could be a shift in parent preferences for the smaller child care settings offered in neighborhood family child care homes. Both open and temporarily closed family child care providers will need meaningful support to welcome children and keep everyone (including themselves) healthy and well.

New Jersey Family Child Care Home Provider Survey Results

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The American Rescue Plan makes health care coverage more affordable! If you do not currently have health insurance or, have health insurance through Get Covered New Jersey, you may be able to get free or greatly reduced cost health coverage. Read our one pager to learn more!